Beautiful Ranch in San Diego
Citrus Trees
Orange trees at Old Magee Ranch
Beautiful Citrus at Old Magee Ranch
Dogs running at Old Magee Ranch
Beautiful California Ranch
View from the above
The beauty and splendor of
this historic ranch,
perched on an elevated all
its own, on the majestic
southern slopes of the
Palomar mountains, are
difficult to match
anywhere in the world.(760) 638-3857
A visit to Old Magee Ranch is an opportunity to experience over 300 acres historic ranch and citrus/avocado orchard located in Northeast San Diego County in CA. Combining a mountain back-drop with a sweeping view of lower valleys and shapely hills to the shining Pacific Ocean just twenty miles to the west we have miles of trails, artisan wells, over 120 acres of organic avocado and citrus orchards, California Oaks and a variety of native flora and fauna. Old Magee Ranch is the perfect San Diegan day trip.

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