Terms and Conditions

What to wear and to bring: Tour participants are urged to wear sturdy, close-toed shoes. We are located in the mountains and typically get a nice breeze. We suggest loose fitting, light-colored natural fiber clothing. Be sure to bring some water to stay hydrated, as it can get hot here. Feel free to bring your own lunch or snacks. Don’t forget your sunscreen and a hat.

Accessibility: The Ranch Tour is an outdoor guided walking tour. The length is about 2-2.5 hours and it covers approximately 2.5 miles with 500 feet of up and down elevation change. It can be likened to a moderately strenuous hike in the woods and the paths are unpaved and often undefined or non-existent. The tour winds through active farming operations where the ground is uneven, rutted, unpaved, eroded, and sloped, and will thus be challenging or impossible for those with limited mobility. That is the nature of the land. If you have accessibility concerns, please contact us before you place your reservation.


  1. Smoking, alcohol, pets or public picnics are not permitted.
  2. Parking is in a designated area.
  3. Though rare, rattlesnake sightings do occur on the property.
  4. We strongly suggest closed, flat, rubber-soled shoes to increase your protection and traction.
  5. We are USDA Certified Organic working Ranch. Please respect our designation and do everything you can to help protect our status. Visitors are asked to please refrain from entering citrus and avocado rows and ‘U-pick’ is not available at the Ranch.
  6. We do have bees on the property. They will generally leave you alone if they are left alone. Please do not go into the clearly marked beekeeping area.
  7. There is a Private Residence and other ranch activity related areas on our Ranch that is off limits to the general public.
  8. In our effort to share the beauty of this Ranch with the public, we do all we can to be respectful of our neighbors and the environment. We ask that our visitors share in our efforts of common courtesy. Please drive slow with caution on Magee Road. It is narrow and curvy. And please, please do not litter.
  9. Prior the tour Release form must be signed.